A few days ago playing around with a paper clip I realize that if I opened and bended a bit, it turns into a mini hanger!! And you might thinking why I want a mini hanger for?? well… I dont know… but is cute and that is enough reason to make it I guess…. You can always used as an embellishment in a card, or even for a doll’s house, if kids still play with it…
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Matt Page

1. Chinny has an amazing mustache

2. There’s a 90% chance that Danny’s coke bottle will end up on the ground

3. AMP is also a large banking institution within Australia

Uncle Pavvy

Accelerated mobile pages is an acronym for helping deliver content to mobile users so they can flick through it.

It’s a subset of HTML.

There is certain aspects that are prohibited, such as forms.

There is support.

There is currently a roadmap of items being implemented.